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March 9, 2009

Gmail users can now have photo business cards in the header panel

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There are a lot of free Microsoft Outlook plug-ins available today but the SenderOK plug-in at works in Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo!Mail as well as Outlook 2003 and 2007.

For the next 10 days or so you will still have to have Outlook installed on your Windows machine, but you won’t have to use Outlook. Soon even that requirement will be a memory. Gmail users…hello.

The main user draw will be a photo business card (which will pull photos out of an address book or if the sender uploaded their photo to our site or via a social networking site). This business card is visible in the header pane (and preview pane) of email. No more business cards as attached files.

If you click on the business card, the view will expand to show all the emails and attachments that person sent before.

Gmail and Hotmail and Yahoo!Mail users…there are more ways to convince you to download from

We sort email by importance and will take good emails out of your spam box and put them in the Gmail inbox (or the “important folder” we create in Outlook). That in itself is a reason to install.

We can also authenticate email for our users to avoid phishing attempts. Small company logos for legitimate corporate email would be seen in the user inbox replacing the boring square envelope icon.

Studies have shown that email users are twice as likely to read email that comes with a corporate sender icon instead of the usual envelope icon. They likely trust the sender more…and for good reason. The logo can only appear if the email has been authenticated.

Soon, logos in the inbox will be a standard and SenderOK will have led the way.


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