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About the SenderOK Blog – Anti-Phishing Email Inbox Icons, Inbox Sorting + Social Networking in the Email Header Pane

This is a blog for the employees and guests of SenderOK, with the first articles contributed by Allen MacCannell in Sales & Marketing (Email is A.MacCannell @ SenderOK ( is a division of WebCEO (see which is otherwise known for being the world’s most popular producer of SEO software (600,000+ installations).

The SenderOK Email Plug-In works in Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail/Live and Yahoo!Mail and gives end-users:

1) An excellent Email Sorting tool that analyzes whether an email sender has been written to before or answered before, whether a sender’s email had been deleted without being read before, etc. It then prioritizes email in various folders named VIP, Important, Routine and No Priority.

2) A photo business card in the email header pane (+ preview pane) with an email sender’s information (provided either by the information in your address book, their registration with SenderOK or a possible feed to a social networking site. If you click on the utility tool sign, the card will open up to present a history of emails and attachments from that person. This type of functionality has already become famous in that Bill Gates called it, in reference to a company called Xobni that also does this, “the future of social networking.”

3) Anti-Phishing visuals: Logos for authenticated email in the inbox and an anti-phishing seal of approval on the business card in the header pane. Via a partnership with a giant US firm closely monitoring Internet activity, SenderOK should, in the course of 2009, sign up many or even most of the companies that legimately broadcast large amounts of email, so the end users can trust what they see in their inbox.

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